User Adoption Playbook [EN]

User Adoption Playbook


Use this User Adoption Playbook to guide your users to effectively embrace change and communicate the value of implementing a CRM. Combine modern CRM and effective adoption strategies to ensure your software rollout exceeds expectations.


Play #1 Communicate Value

OBJECTIVE: Educate users on CRM benefits and how it will make their lives easier.

During implementation of your new CRM, you may encounter users who don’t understand why they need to use it. This resistance could stem from:

  • Ill defined business processes

  • Lack of clarity on short and long-term goals

  • No understanding of user benefits

  • Difficult to use interface

Solve this issue by conducting a meeting with users to showcase the value of the new CRM.

  • Reiterate the strategic vision behind the CRM implementation. Make sure the users know the why behind the decision.

  • Evaluate how they are using the CRM and recommend ways to expand their platform usage.

  • Highlight the benefits of the CRM such as automating certain mundane tasks and using automation to give them better visibility into information that is most important to them. Make it relatable and relevant.

  • Take advantage of tools and resources provided by the CRM partner. Training is critical to a successful rollout and complementary to boosting user confidence.

  • Find the right trainer—someone who speaks to both the value and how users can use it effectively. Messaging is a critical part of adoption.

  • Use specific examples to demonstrate the use cases of your new CRM based on common actions of the target users in your organization.

  • Keep it simple. Introduce functionality in phases, starting with features that will immediately empower users.

  • Consider an internal marketing campaign to ensure users understand the benefit and value of the new CRM.

Play #2 Incentivize Users

OBJECTIVE: Recognize and reward successful usage of the platform.

Use the psychology of positive reinforcement to your advantage to encourage user adoption.

  • Provide rewards to users as a way to reinforce platform adoption—these rewards can be small gift cards for certain milestones or tasks.

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